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J[us]t 5 Micropolies, [In]visible Cities, Athens FINALE

The fifth and final event that brings to a closure the Micropolies Invisible Series of J[us]t 5.

Participants all over the globe have joined events that have taken place in Stockholm, Miami, Byblos and San Juan Puerto Rico and have reached out to artists in London, Copenhagen and as far as Panama City. The events come full circle to the city that sparked the trajectory that has interweaved a collective narrative since 2017, as the artist travels through various cities, reflecting back at relationships forged between denizens, sites, histories, within a constantly migratory identity.

The event dispenses with the audience, everyone is a participant engaged in their solo, invisible performance: a dialogue between the participants, a chosen place within the city and the participants own history with the city.

All are invited to participate, investing just 5 minutes of time to explore what it means to be a citizen of a city composed of invisible cities made material through the corp…

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