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J[US]T 5: Redux

Theatre enCorps presents J[US]T 5:  REDUX under the umbrella of The Performance Shop as part of the Athens & Epidaurus International Festival. Saturday 23rd June, 9.30 & 10.30. 

J[US]T 5- REDUX (from Latin reducere, "to bring back") gathers under one -a single site and a single reiteration, the five events of J[US]T 5 that took place between May and October 2017. The event as part of the Performance Shop at Athens International Festival is therefore a ‘re-dux’ version, re-articulating and reviewing the accumulated narratives of the original five.
J[US]T 5 – REDUX interweaves the collective narratives of an artist as she traveled through various cities- each city brings her back to her relationship with Athens- raising questions about her art, her co-inhabitants, the identity, the challenges and possibilities of dance in the city in this precise historical moment.
Concept and performance:Ana Sánchez-Colberg Text:Ana Sánchez-Colberg Sound design:Ana Sanchez-Colberg and Dim…

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